Happy Spring!

Ahhh Springtime! Spring is here! That glorious time of year when the earth comes alive! There are so many beautiful colors and such a newness everywhere we look! Energetically this is a wonderful time to recharge and realign our energy … Continue reading

What is your ‘Safety Net’?

A friend emailed me this video clip today. I’m sure it’s going viral by now… It’s a beautiful depiction of the importance of wearing your seat belts. Are you a ‘risk taker’? As I was driving today, an opinion was … Continue reading

Forgiveness: Complex or Easy?

There’s a need to discuss this… Forgiveness for some people is very easy. For me, however, it has been rather complex. Maybe by discussing this topic it may help give more perspective. The forgiveness I speak of is the ability … Continue reading

My Gratitude Overflows!

So Grateful! I am grateful for so many of you who have subscribed to my website. I’m also grateful for so many new clients that have recently begun embracing change, too! This is due partly because of you and all … Continue reading