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About Loretta

As a Certified Practitioner  in The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® I have the privilege of assisting you in experiencing a life full of joy, peace and harmony. I use alternative methods to quickly locate crimps in the ancestral-emotional DNA and repair emotional wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations. This powerful method of alternative medicine starts the healing process through changes in energy patterns, transforming behavior and shifting subconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results. Energy work is a form of alternative medicine. I have enjoyed directing clients in beginning their healing process from many ailments including emotional pain in dysfunctional family relationships, to migraine headaches, to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Once negative emotions are neutralized, success in all areas of life can be experienced, from improving your sports performance to becoming financially abundant.

I spent much of my life wondering how I fit in the whole scheme of things on this earth – what could I possibly contribute? Negativity filled my childhood and I carried a lot of generational “baggage” that prevented me from realizing my full potential in life.

Energy Healing changed my lifeWhen   things became unbearable, I was led to energy healing. I was completely skeptical at first but with my initial session, my life has completely changed. I have felt peace, joy, forgiveness and love in ways I’ve never experienced before.

I will always be grateful for the knowledge and talents I have been blessed with through my training in the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®.

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“The power of Loretta’s work is tremendous. Life changing impact? Absolutely. I had been unsuccessful in “letting things go” and understanding my blockages on my own. After each session with her, I realized that things we released no longer had any power over me. What a phenomenal change! Loretta gave me freedom from the major things that have been holding me back. And consequently, she indirectly gave me a new life – which included my dream job!” Karen – Irvine, California