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Schedule a session to begin moving beyond limiting beliefs, behaviors, inner conflicts and confusion. All sessions are successfully accomplished over the phone or on Skype in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice.

Private 50 Minute Session – $100:

A 50 minute private session is recommended for both first time clients and repeat clients. Reducing stress, releasing fears and/or limiting beliefs, increasing confidence as well as improving relationships is the focus. This is accomplished quickly in a graceful, non-invasive manner utilizing proven techniques from the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®. All energy systems are balanced, negative energetic DNA is released and positive vibrational energies of peace, joy and abundance are incorporated thereby making it possible to attract the positive experiences you desire in your life. Would you like to create a new manifestation list? This is the session to book.

Laser 25 Minute Session – $65:

For repeat clients only – the same benefits of a 50 minute session, offering a quick tune up in all areas. Focus on one particular area.

Group Sessions are recommended for first time or repeat clients. The collective energy of a group of participants is extremely powerful! These group clearings, along with integrating positive new affirmations, literally re-program subconscious beliefs and shift things on a cellular-memory level.The synergy of the group of participants works in a positive way, and knowing you are not alone in your struggles brings hope. Since all sessions are over the phone, each participant is secure in knowing if you have something to say, it may be said in safety because no one knows who you are.

Groups sessions are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 11:00 AM Pacific time, and address a topic. The beautiful thing about working in energy is many issues can be released at the same time whether they are spoken or not – meaning, if the call is focusing on the topic of relationships, financial blocks are released as well. It is customary that payment for a group session be made prior to the group session.  Once you have purchased a group session, you will receive an email directing you as to the phone number and access code you will need to for the call. When you purchase a Group Session, the energy is at work in your behalf. Should you have the occasion that you miss your group session, there’s no need for concern, the call is still effective for you. All calls are recorded, and are available after the call. You will receive a link to the replay of the call shortly after the call. The replay is available until the following month. Interested in the monthly Group Call? Subscribe at the top right of this page and you will be notified of the next call with the link to pay.

Entrepreneur Energy Package:

A $400 value for $295!

This package is great for the beginning or seasoned entrepreneur or just someone wanting a great discount! You will receive over a suggested 6 month period:

  • 2 private 50 minute sessions
  • Detailed Manifestation List
  • 2 – 25 minute Laser sessions
  • 2 Group Energy calls of your choice

Once you purchase this package, I will contact you to coordinate your package.

The Simple Process…

Once a Private Session, Laser Session or Group Session is purchased, You may reply to that email with a brief synopsis of what you would like to address. Long detailed accounts of what you are focusing on is not necessary or recommended as this invites more negative energy for you. .

 Referral Program

I appreciate your referrals! Share with your friends and loved ones how you feel after a session. When they schedule a session by booking and completing payment, and the session is completed, you will receive credit towards your next session! Here’s the excitement:

  • 1 referral = $25 towards your next session – any session!
  • 2 referrals = $50 towards your next session OR 1 Laser session FREE!
  • 3 referrals = $75 credit to be used however you prefer!
  • 4 referrals = a free 50 minute session or how ever you choose to use the credit!

An easy way to introduce anyone to energy therapy is to give them my website address and make sure they tell me who referred them!

Thank you!