Confidence to Just BE!

An Aging Thought…

A wise man once said to me that when you reach age 50, you become weary of worrying about what others think of you, and you no longer care, but instead you live your life the way you want to. He was right… my life did change when I adopted that energy. But what if that could happen sooner than 50? Well my friends, it CAN! There are many more reasons we tell ourselves that we are not up to par. Why do we bog ourselves down with thoughts that other people are better or more capable than we are? Confidence is the key! Did you know you can be confident in yourself, in your abilities even if you don’t shine as brightly as you think others do with their talents and abilities? Yes, you can!

Join us for this important, life changing, game changing call!

This month we will neutralize all the negative emotions that act to keep you in a state of  timidness or uncertainty and raise your vibration to feeling self assured and confident!

confidence to just be

Wednesday, June 21st, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Your home, your phone



It’s my birthday month!!! So EVERYONE gets a gift! This call is discounted in celebration of my birthday and because I am so grateful for each one of you who continue to join me in these calls and allow me to take part in your greatness! I just love you all!

happy birthday celebration

By registering, and shortly before the call, you will receive an email with the access phone number to the call. All registrations must be in at least an hour before the call to ensure you will receive the call information in time for you to attend. Feel free to send me a brief email listing your intentions for this session.


…in the event you would like to participate in this call but cannot attend in person, the call will be recorded. Energy is intelligent. Once you are registered, you will be included in the energy of the call and you will receive the same benefit listening to the recording as you would being on the call in person.

Often times when attending a call, many more issues are cleared than those that are vocalized on the call. This is an added benefit of attending the monthly Group Session Call!

In this call we will address all issues regarding health and wellness from an alternative standpoint. If you are being seen by a physician for any issue, this call will enhance your recovery. It will not take the place of your health care professional.

I Personally Invite You

loretta…to join us in this Group Energy Healing Call. When negative emotions are cleared, the path becomes open to embrace physical healing. I look forward to assisting you in a new journey toward good health!

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Surround yourself with those who bring you strength

Life is full of ups & downs…

It doesn’t have to be gut wrenching and depressing! Here’s a little tip…

surround yourself

What do you do to keep going? What makes you tick? We would love to hear about it! We are here to lift each other and to help one another along. Your words may be what helps another. Please take a moment to share.

Do You Feel the Love?

The Month of Love

It’s been awhile since I did a blog post… I’ve been busy with my businesses, but I had to sit down and write this today… February traditionally is the month of love – at least that’s what society wants you to focus on. It’s big business after all, and gets the mind moving forward. But for many people nowadays this time of year is a very dark time. We are designed to need to be loved. Male & female needs differ in order to combine together and become one to procreate. However there seems to be a real disconnect going on with all the single people I am surrounded by. People are no longer able to commit to relationships for whatever reason. They are not able to commit to the ability to receive the level of companionship that is what the human body & soul crave. I’m grateful for the ability to shift energy, and have the pleasure of working with so many on this topic. How about doing something today… right now… for you… to ease that burden of not having that one person to feel one with – and I’m not just talking just intimacy here. Being one means being one in purpose, goals, intent, commitment. It’s companionship on all levels.

love all aroundShift the Energy with Me!

Maybe, just maybe, take moments throughout today to recognize the love all around you. As you recognize this love, express gratitude for it. As you express gratitude for it, that love will magnify. And as you feel gratitude for the love… I mean as you truly have heart felt gratitude for the love around you, you will attract more love to be grateful for. Now breathe deeply and exhale and allow yourself to feel the love… set aside all skepticism. Do you feel the love? Now… express gratitude and go throughout your day recognizing all the love – in all forms – and even share love with others! I would love to hear of your experiences!

Happy Holidays from Our Home to Yours

As We Celebrate…

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year,

we wish you…nativity-family











and prosperity!


And may you realize all your wishes & dreams in 2017!





Our lives have been richly blessed by your association. We are deeply grateful for you! We look forward to continuing our association in 2017.

With Love, Loretta Smith & Family



Be Excited!

Have you ever noticed…

how when you’re excited about things, life just flows better? Happy, joyful thoughts, or anticipation for something wonderful just places us in a good vibration. When you’re in that good vibration, you begin attracting more wonder and excitement to you. people-splashingA good example of this is Christmas time. As children we anticipate those glorious gifts we hoped for… as we excitedly anticipated those gifts, everyone around us joined in with their energy of joyful anticipation. People are generally happy. Some people call this the Christmas spirit. Or maybe it’s a football game… how exciting a football game is to attend. There’s a certain feel being with others attending a game, especially the first game of the season. The anticipation and excitement. These are examples of high vibrations in energy. 

What if things are not going well…

Did you know that you have the ability to change things if they are not going well? Not only do you have the ability, but it is your duty. You are expected to create your own life. That has always been the plan. This is what I teach to my clients.

How do we change something that is not going well?

Shifting the energy can be as easy as shifting your mind set. Finding something that is exciting and stimulating to your mind is a start. This may be new furniture, or a hobby. When you find yourself worrying, doubting or struggling in any way, you are sending out the message that this is what you want more of. Well, I doubt anyone would want more of struggling! Instead, set down the troubling thoughts and magnetinstead think of that new furniture or hobby. See yourself shopping for it or embraced in it. Laugh and allow the excitement to grow. As you do this, and prevent yourself from going to the worry room in your head, you will open up the flow of positive abundance into your life.

Allow the abundance to flow… resist the need to dictate how it should be. Just be excited for the adventure!people-magnet


If this is difficult, maybe it’s time for a session. Let’s get you back to creating your amazingly wonderful life!