Energy Systems

The Aura

1000x1000_4f5678b00a42cWe, as human beings, are beings of energy. This energy has many forms and functions. One form you may be aware of is the Aura. A vibrant Aura can fill a room. When the Aura is vibrant, we feel happy, joyful and confident. When our Auras are in need of repair, we may feel dark, burdened, like we don’t want to be around anyone, unhappy or even depressed. This is a very simple explanation. Here is a blog post that talks about the Aura


chakrasThe Chakras, when imbalanced can reveal the same symptoms as Auras. Chakra work can reveal blocks in all areas of life. Some people have learned tactics of how to repair their own energy systems, but for most of us, a very effective way is to embrace the help of an energy professional. Here’s a blog post on Chakras that gives more information on this powerful energy system

The Energetic Grids and Meridians



If you’ve had Acupuncture done, you’re familiar with the Meridians in the body, the Meridians control the flow of energy through your system. But maybe the Grids are not so familiar to you. The Grids are the scaffolding of your energy body. Here’s a blog post to enlighten you on these important energy systems:

Yes, there are more…

Illustrator-Celtic-knotThere are a total of 7 main energy systems… Here’s a blog post on the Celtic Weave, Radiant Circuits and Rhythms:

Each one of these systems are vital in maintaining health and abundance in all areas of life. I encourage you to subscribe for my free report that teaches a little more on the topic of Energy Healing. You will also receive a gift of 50% off your next session!

An important part of the SimplyHealed Method®…

Buddy Wilson, approx 16 years old

Buddy Wilson, approx 16 years old



Generational healing. We inherit more than Grandfather’s eyes and Grandmother’s nose… we also inherit their emotions. Specific to healing is the negative emotions that need to be released. Here’s a brief post:





There are many methods of energy healing. The method I find to be lightning fast is the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method®. I am a Certified Practitioner with the tools needed to direct healing in all of your energy systems.

In answer to the question, what is energy healing?

It is releasing and clearing negative emotions from the energy systems of the body, and from the actual physical body that are trapped. It is tuning up the energy systems and bodily systems to function at the highest possible vibration. This is easily accomplished over the phone because energy has no limitations in time or distance.