Inspiration at the Beach

Saturday at the Beach It was a magnificent day last Saturday on the Beach! Fall is fabulous at the shoreline! The salt air is crisp but not too chilly, and there’s not many tourists. We were there early in the … Continue reading

Energy Work Clears Fears and More!

Here’s a blast to the past! When I was a little girl, Bozo was very popular. I used to watch Bozo all the time. I was about the age of the children sitting in the audience. I enjoyed the cartoons, … Continue reading

Being Proactive with your Health… Priceless!

In the midst of so many people losing their health care or hearing the predictions on the radio this morning that say we will lose our doctor because many doctors will leave the profession, and there will be so many … Continue reading

The Significance…

Recap Last week I spent time educating you on the energy systems… if you missed any of them, here they are for your convenience… Links to previous posts… Auras Chakras Energetic Grids and Meridians Celtic Weave, Radiant Circuits and Rhythms … Continue reading