Happy Spring!

Ahhh Springtime! Spring is here! That glorious time of year when the earth comes alive! There are so many beautiful colors and such a newness everywhere we look! Energetically this is a wonderful time to recharge and realign our energy … Continue reading

Chakra Evaluation

When is it time for a session? I’m often asked by clients, “When should I have another session?” This is a personal choice. Here are some thoughts on just one of the energy systems, the Chakras… If you answer ‘yes’ … Continue reading

Laughter Therapy: after all it is the best medicine!

Carolyn Cooper had taught me how to live a new life with the use of SimplyHealed™. I love her philosophies, too… Here’s what she has to say about Laughter “A clown is like an aspirin, only he works twice as … Continue reading

You ARE Enough! You are AMAZING!

How would it be if… You felt at ease and confident among your peers? You knew deep down inside that you have value… You truly believed you fit in and have a purpose in society! Being right or wrong in … Continue reading