Obtaining Balance – Group Energy Call

When balance is obtained, we can overcome anything This month, with all that has happened around the world, I think it’s good to address whatever comes up in the call. I’ve reached out to see what you would like to … Continue reading

Building Back Good Health!

Everyone’s talking about getting healthy! Everywhere you look there are advertisements for remedies for whatever ails you! Good health is quite the market! As an energy practitioner, I lean more towards natural methods. I understand the vibration that everything on … Continue reading

Energy Work Clears Fears and More!

Here’s a blast to the past! When I was a little girl, Bozo was very popular. I used to watch Bozo all the time. I was about the age of the children sitting in the audience. I enjoyed the cartoons, … Continue reading

What is your ‘Safety Net’?

A friend emailed me this video clip today. I’m sure it’s going viral by now… It’s a beautiful depiction of the importance of wearing your seat belts. Are you a ‘risk taker’? As I was driving today, an opinion was … Continue reading