*These testimonials are written by clients who I have worked with using only energy work, and only over the phone or Skype. The work I have done has complimented any medical treatment and is not meant to replace any medical treatment prescribed by a doctor. 

I’ve been on several of Loretta’s group energy calls and enjoyed every one of them. Loretta is very intuitive, and I trust her to find and clear the heart of the issue I’m dealing with. She’s helping me prepare for a job interview, and I feel so much more confident after my session with her where she helped me make a manifestation list for that job and for my life in general. I consider her a friend; she is kind and thoughtful, and besides being gifted, she truly cares about people. ~ Debbie, Alabama

Loretta is a very gifted woman. The best part is how eager she is to use those gifts to help others. My personal struggle was internal anger. I loved to constantly dwell on the past and the things that made me mad to justify how I felt. This resulted in some pretty intense health issues: Skin, joints, muscles, etc. Loretta was able to find the main issues and help me overcome the triggers that allowed them to come up. She has a way of helping you change your thinking patterns to love and enjoyment and belief that all can be healed. I am so looking forward to finally being where I want in life. Thanks Loretta!! ~ Hallie

Thank you for being such a blessing in my life.  The healing that has taken place since I started working with you is very rewarding and what I have sought for many years.  Thank you for using your gifts to change my life and help me live my best life!  Thank you for always being my cheerleader and encouraging me on this road. I am feeling really good and of course much lighter after our session. Moving upward and onward:) Thanks again ~ Annonomous

THANK YOU!!!  I feel a shift and notice a difference in me, my kids and my home.  I feel greater peace. Thank you for being an instrument of greatness in my life.  I am so excited to move forward unhindered and confident.  I feel like there are changes happening already and lining up to happen on my path ahead.  Thank you for sharing your light with me, it is uncovering the “real” me:)  I will keep you updated. ~Teri, Oklahoma


This was my first time getting energy work done, and I feel so much better. Loretta is very professional and will put you at ease. Highly recommended. ~Maggie, Ohio


Up until last Friday I was in a complete mess. Meltdown as my friend calls it. Then you turned things around for me – and so patiently and gently. And I’m still reeling with excitement at how quickly I got well. I’ve had an exciting week, lots of walking (my favourite exercise) – I’ve walked the 2 miles to town twice this week, I’ve now got 2 content (and tired :-)) dogs. My sleep has been more refreshing. I’m coping with everything so much better. I went for my checkup with my doctor.  She is one happy lady – though surprised by the turnaround! When she saw me 4 weeks ago I wasn’t very mobile, very tearful, in a lot of pain; she discussed at that time, morphine patches and increasing my other medications. She also wanted me to take meds for high blood pressure. Today – 4 weeks exactly from that appointment – her first word to me was “wow”!!! She was very surprised by the difference in me in such a short space of time. I explained how bad I was last week, that this appointment was originally to increase my meds, but after a session with you, it’s completely something else! That really it’s only 7 days ago when things changed. Here are the results of the appointment: I’m on a medication reduction program!!!! I’m to gradually reduce the buprenorphine patches – from 20mg (my current dose) to 10mg, to 5mg then stop! I’m to reduce the gabapentin at my own pace – the same with amitriptyline – although I’m to continue the lansoprazole until I’m no longer taking oral meds. But then decided I could have a reduced dose of that as well!!! (she wouldn’t let me change my HRT but says she’s open to discussion at next appointment!)  More good news – my blood pressure is lower. More amazing news – not sure how this happened – I’m 12 pounds lighter than at my last appointment!!! I’ve been given the go-ahead to walk – walk and walk some more! In a week or so can “power walk” but no running/jogging till after my next appointment. And I’m ok to use my exercise bike – gently for now!  Loretta, how can I ever thank you? Those 2 words seem small but they’re huge when they’re from the heart. Thank you. ~Danni, UK


With loosing my mom this last December, I knew there would be a future session with Loretta. The grief of the loss was even more unbearable than I thought it would be. I’ve been taking time over the last month to just “be”. I needed to just be quiet so I could just be with this deep, deep hole in my heart. I knew I would be scheduling that time with Loretta, when I was ready, to work through the energy that was more then the grief that I should be holding on to. Just hearing Loretta’s voice again made me smile because you know that for whatever time you’re going to have with her.. she’s going to help you help yourself to make room for the light of calmness and peace.. and in my case… a little more acceptance.. ~Kate, Arizona


To whom it may concern,
I would like to take the opportunity to leave a little feedback if I may. If you or anyone you know is considering energy work and maybe doesn’t quite know rather or not to take the plunge, may I be so kind as to be the one to push you off your place of insecurity? I too have had my doubts, fears, and thoughts that have taken me to a place of numbness of decision. You know, that place of being lost in your ability to make a decision? I know you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it’s time to do something about it….now! I had my first session with Loretta this morning. It was wonderful! It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t weird, and best of all I feel better than I could have even hoped for. Loretta made me feel at ease right from the start. She took the time to explain everything and anything. I never wondered if I had made the wrong choice even a little. Loretta truly cared for me and my concerns. She walked me through the things that she worked on and helped me to fix them. I truly believe her to be the “real” deal. I will definitely be back for more and I hope that you will finally give yourself the gift that you deserve! Don’t you think it’s time to feel better? I do, and now because I did, I really do! Thank you Loretta! Good luck! Signed, Kirk Dayley

“From my life experience I can tell you that energy work does work. It takes time sometimes, for me to see the changes. I’ve seen the shifts in my behavior and perceptions in the different and challenging areas in my life. Please, believe me. I am talking from experience. I started energy work around July this year. It is now November. I am changing my behavior, my attitudes, my perceptions, I am learning to deal with discomfort in my life, with stress, with impulses to complain or to stand in the “defending soldier” position. Loretta is a human angel whom you can completely trust. you are in good hands. You do have a friend and a supporter in Loretta! ~ Dalia, Los Angeles


“I just want you to know that after 20 years of letting a man talk down to me, I have been completely cured. Yesterday at work, I was working frozen with Christopher and this man comes up to me and begins asking me if we carry a certain item he purchased before. It doesn’t sound familiar to me so I ask him the basic questions and offer to walk the store with him to find it. He looked at me in that condescending way I have seen too many times and asks “you do know what beans are, don’t you??” In an INSTANT, instead of taking that on myself like I use to or feeling badly about me, or trying to explain that I was a new employee, I saw him for who he was and the vision of me breaking his kneecaps flashed through my mind along with a sudden adrenaline rush to do so. AND, instead of reacting, I smiled at him, told him I had seen beans a few times before in my life and informed him that Christopher would be helping him… and I turned my back on the pathetic man. Loretta, I have FINALLY gotten it. It took almost 45 years, but I got it! With that said, I LOVE YOU for helping me heal this part of my life!!!” ~Linda, Arizona


“I was very excited to have my first session with Loretta. I wasn’t sure what to expect and yet I am a very big believer in energy and what we put out into the the world does come back to us. My experience was one of complete peace as I listened to Loretta speak. And what I found out throughout my day was I had a profound peace and what seemed to feel like a shedding of layers of emotions that had been embedded into my heart and soul for years and years. Something else I had been experiencing for several weeks before my session was an all over body discomfort which felt to me to be perhaps Arthritis. Aches and pains that I felt I was way too young to be having. As my day went on it dawned on me that I wasn’t feeling these aches and pains. And as I write this and this being the day after my session, I am still pain free. I am totally amazed! My words to Loretta were that she had a very soothing voice and she has a gift of making you feel as though you are surrounded with arms of support, love and affirmation. Today truly feels like a new day for me and I really look forward to all of the new changes that are coming my way and I am so looking forward to my next session with Loretta.” ~Kate, Arizona


I wanted to take a minute and thank you, Loretta, for taking a few minutes out of your life to listen to me, after a very difficult day. I knew something was wrong with my energy when I woke up the other morning weepy and sad. As the day continued it only got worse. After work I called and you stopped whatever you were doing to realign my chakras and energy paths. Blockages were cleared that were causing me to reject all the work performed in the past.

I felt the difference IMMEDIATELY. While you were talking I felt everything come back into alignment. The negative and weepy mood just disappeared. After hanging up the phone I was able to go into my studio and throw some pottery.

THANK YOU LORETTA. I Love You! Energy Work WORKS!! ~Dani, Oklahoma


“When Loretta was introduced to me I was a bit curious as to what “Energy Healing” really was as it sounded a bit far outside the box even for me as I consider myself rather open-minded. In talking with Loretta, my curiosity was piqued and I decided to try out a session with her. I had felt that I was somehow getting in my own way of the success I knew I was ready to achieve. In talking with Loretta, she helped me clear out a lot of limiting thoughts and bad energy that was blocking me from moving in a positive direction. After a second session, I found my life to begin moving into a very positive direction to the point that people stopped me in my office to try and pinpoint why the air around my office seemed markedly different. They could see a change in me and my outlook and I knew that nothing could get in my way. It was quite a transformation for me and I am grateful to Loretta for helping me through these blockages.

For those of you who may question the validity of energy healing, I would challenge you to give it a try, but to do so with a true intent and open mind to heal yourself and to rid yourself of the past and things that inhibit you from personal or professional success. I was surprised at how good I felt and how it made such a significant change in my life. I am a believer for sure… Loretta is a true professional and can be an integral part of changing your life for the good if you let it happen…” Michael, OrangeCounty


My true story… Recently, I stopped taking Xanax for anxiety (due to self destructive and addictive behaviors) and for the PTSD that supposedly developed from the concern for taking Xanax, according to my doctor. When I stopped taking the Xanax, I stopped vomiting. Because I stopped vomiting and my stomach no longer hurt, I was able to stop taking the Protonix and Zophran and I could finally eat. Because I stopped taking Xanax and I could finally hold down food again; my headaches and body pains I had from the extreme weight loss and malnutrition I was experiencing, stopped also. Because my headaches and body pains stopped when I was no longer malnourished from the vomiting caused by the Xanax, I no longer had to take Hydrocodone and Tramadol for the pain. Because I stopped taking Hydrocodone and Tramadol, I was no longer constipated and suffering. Because I was no longer constipated, I didn’t need to take a laxative or stool softener and was finally regular. Since I was having so much success, I stopped taking the Steroids and needing blood transfusions for the blood platelet disorder I got after my childhood vaccines which had come out of remission from all the Xanax. When I stopped taking the Steroids and Xanax, my blood platelet levels regulated on their own. Because I stopped taking the Steroids, I no longer had chest pains and rapid heartbeat and was able to stop the heart medicine. Because I was no longer killing myself with medication, I wasn’t depressed anymore and could stop taking the anti-depressant. Since I was now experiencing such great health from NOT taking all this medication, I decided to stop taking the Ambien for the sleep disorder I had from taking all this medication. Because I stopped taking all this medication I am no longer rushed to the hospital every week for dehydration caused by the vomiting caused by the medication and I’ve saved ALL kinds of time and money by not needing to go the doctor or the hospital! Now, I can eat healthy food, have strength to exercise, take healthy supplements, sleep at night and enjoy a life beyond my wildest imaginings with the people I love… and, the anxiety and PTSD that started all this, just isn’t that big of a deal anymore thanks to Loretta and SimplyHealed! Linda – Orange County


“Loretta is an exceptional energy practitioner. During my first session, I wanted help removing whatever what blocking me from landing a new job. Shortly after that session, I got a job offer for a position that was perfect for me! During my last session, Loretta picked up on several areas of major stressors and cleared those out. The next day, I felt lighter, more joyful and energetic than I have in a long time. I knew that Loretta’s work had created yet another big shift in my life. I simply felt ten times better.

People comment on how happy and spirited I am, and I know that I owe that to the clearing work Loretta has done for me. Things that bothered me before don’t have any effect on me now. Her intuitive insights have been extremely instrumental in me understanding myself, giving me peace of mind and helping me release mental and emotional gunk.

The power of Loretta’s work is tremendous. Life changing impact? Absolutely. I had been unsuccessful in “letting things go” and understanding my blockages on my own. After each session with her, I realized that things we released no longer had any power over me. What a phenomenal change! Loretta gave me freedom from the major things that have been holding me back. And consequently, she indirectly gave me a new life – which included my dream job! Karen – Irvine, CA


I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me! I had been suffering from a migraine for 3 days when I came to see you. I had tried prescription medication, sleep, massage and chiropractic adjustment and gotten no relief! Within minutes you had cleared the tension I was feeling and I could feel the pain subsiding as you unblocked my Chakras and worked on my energy field. I left feeling not only whole again but re-balanced all the way around. I only wish I would have come to you for a session sooner and saved myself 3 days of feeling unwell. Thank you so much! You are wonderful! Melissa-Huntington Beach


“I have asked Loretta twice to help me “clear out the junk” energetically. She is kind, compassionate, understanding, competent and non-judgmental. Since our sessions I have had increased clarity of thought and improved results in the areas of my life that were dealt with in the energy healing sessions.”            Jarom, Escondido


“I was plagued with anxiety on a daily basis and Loretta was able to give me peace and relief from my anxiety almost immediately right over the phone. Her soothing mannerisms and calming spirit allowed me to be open minded which opened my energy portals and allowed them to be unblocked and flowing openingly. I am grateful for Loretta and the peace she has given me.” Dani- Green Valley Lake

“Thank you for our session! I’ve noticed something else that has occurred from our session, I have carried a heaviness in my chest for as long as I can remember. I always thought it was asthma or something to do with the upper respiratory system, but I have noticed today that my breathing has been easy and that tightness is gone. I also awoke today to no smoke smell. Interesting – isn’t it.” Vicki, Fountain Valley, CA


“I thought I was doing alright. Baggage from past traumatic experiences was a painful part of my reality that i figured was inevitable. Loretta helped release blocks and negative energy that were preventing my healing, and prolonging unnecessary pain that had actually evolved into health problems. Her intuitive use of energy clearing strategies literally changed my life. Things professionals said would take YEARS for recovery were instantly alleviated with each session. Her work has greatly contributed to my ability to be in a satisfying and loving relationship with my dream guy. With Loretta’s help, I’ve learned easy ways to be healthier and happier on every level of my existence (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc). Thank you!” Kris – Long Beach


Things had gotten to the point to where I was in so much disharmony, that it just seemed like dysfunction was the only thing I could be certain of. I found myself openly weeping for no discernable cause, and the overall sense of despair was beginning to impair my will to eat, sleep, or carry on with any semblance of normalicy. Please allow me to share my tremendous gratitude. The magnificent sense of relief that I have gained, has not left me in the days to follow. In fact, it has only grown stronger as I find myself to be in control of things that I had long allowed to be out of my control. For example, my 18 year-long relationship with nicotine has had many breaks, but I had never previously been able to eliminate anything more than the habit, for short periods of time. I find it amazing how that wasn’t amongst the reasons I consciously came to you, and yet you were able to sense it and help me to overcome the single-most difficult addiction that I had ever known. Thank you, again, and I thank God for directing you into my life. Kiyoshi – Costa Mesa