The Energetic Grids and Meridians

The Energetic Grids of the Body

steel-BeamsJust as the steel grids of a building provide structure for a multi-story building, our energetic Grids provide structure and a sure foundation for the energetic body. This energy system is very sturdy however shock or trauma can damage or deform it. When this happens, the other energetic systems adjust to compromise around the damage, much the way a tree will heal around damage. When you cut a tree down, in the rings of the trunk, you can detect where the damage occurred. The tree simply grew around the damage. Speaking of the body, though the other energy symptoms attempt to make up for the damage in the grids, there will always be a weakness there and will be evident in that part of the body that is affected.

A situation that may explain this better may be when there has been an accident or some other trauma that has produced severe emotions or even bodily injury – like a car accident, or maybe a surgery. On the outside it may appear healed, but the energetic grids may not be healed properly but rather aided by the other energy systems until the weakness is made apparent by illness or a difficult life flow.

Ahhh the Meridians!

Everyone’s familiar with Acupuncture, but most people don’t understand that Acupuncture treats the energetic Meridians of the body. This ancient practice of treating patients has continued in success over the centuries. As a child I recall hearing people exclaim how they were only able to be relieved of their headaches because of the Acupuncture treatments they had received. They spoke of this “strange approach” Chinese_meridiansas their last ditch effort for relief when maybe they should have tried this approach first! The Meridians carry energy through the body in a similar way that blood is pumped through veins of the body. This vital flow of energy reflects any imbalance in the organs and every system of the body. If there is a crimp in a Meridian, the system it feeds will be affected.

There is much to be said and discovered about the Meridians. This chart of the Meridians in ancient Chinese medicine will spark the curiosity of anyone!

Did you know that working with the Meridians in an Energy Healing session may adjust metabolism or even improve digestion?

Simply and Easily…

Both of these energy systems sound complex, insinuating a complicated therapy in order to achieve repair… When in reality these systems are easily repaired in a session with a trained practitioner. It’s amazing to behold the intelligence of energy and how fast it works!

An Invitation


The more I learn, the more I understand that we are meant to take excellent care of our fabulous bodies. We are given amazing tools of knowledge and wisdom to complete this task. I invite you to take a moment to explore this site. If it’s something that resonates with you, subscribe in the upper right side of this page. You will receive a free report and a gift from me. I’m looking forward to assisting you in your path to better health and wellness.




The Energetic Grids and Meridians — 14 Comments

    • Yes, when we have been raised in the influence of Western Medicine, it’s no wonder treating the energy systems of the body is difficult to understand. That is so cool that you know people who have taken their pets to have Acupuncture performed. Energy work is also effective on animals. Thank you for your comment Denys!!

    • Just as stress causes such ailments as heart attacks or ulcers, it can cause havoc on all parts of the body including the energy system. The physical stressors are only the result of negative energy stored in the energy field. Remove that negative energy, and the stressors are neutralized. It is this very topic that convinced me to become a practitioner! I could not change the situation I was in at that very moment, but I could change how my body responded to it while the situation evolved. We are the creators of our individual lives. When there are blocks in energy, we aren’t very pleased with what we create 🙂

      • I think I will need to learn more about this! I work with meditation, exercise, simple relaxation techniques, nutrition, and anything else I can come up with to help the women I work with move through peri-menopause and menopause. I am always looking for ways to help them deal with the stress caused by not only daily living, but also the hormonal changes in their bodies!

  1. Loretta,

    I totally agree with you because I’ve seen it so many times.

    Energy can shift immediately and then the damage begins to repair.

    It is utterly amazing.

    And since everything, not just the body, is energy, all things can be shifted starting immediately with the correct “repairs”.


    Great post.


  2. Hi Loretta this was so interesting to read about. I take care of my energetic body with Tai Chi and Qi Gong as well as Yoga. Taking care of our energetic body really helps support our physical body. Stopping by from UBC. Happy blogging. 🙂

  3. What a great blog on the Grids and Meridians! I really appreciate the way you explain these energy systems in such a simple, easy to understand way.

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