Celtic Weave, Radiant Circuits and Rhythms

The Lesser Spoken of Energy Systems

Have you even heard of these energy systems? These lesser spoken of energy systems each have their own individual purposes. You may enjoy this last in a series discussion on these energy systems!

The Celtic Weave

celtic weave example


When one thinks of the Celtic Weave, it’s fun to compare images to explain this beautiful energy system. Like this Celtic knot picture, this energy system’s purpose is to connect. It is intertwined with the other energy systems to keep them all functioning as a single unit.





Personally, I really enjoy this image… The Celtic Weave energy system entwines beautifully in a similar manner.



In Yoga, this system is represented by two curved lines that cross seven times, symbolizing encasing the 7 chakras. In the East, it is called the Tibetan Energy Ring. Even here in the West, it is called the caduceus – you will recognize this as the symbol of the western medical profession – the intertwined serpents crossing seven times on a staff.

The Radiant Circuits

This energy system is also known as ‘Strange Flows’, and supports all the energy systems. My clients often hear me refer to this system as their ‘inner mom’ because just as a mother works to keep a pleasant environment in her home, the Radiant Circuits work to maintain balance and harmony in the energetic ‘home’.


You may have heard this referred to as The Five Rhythms or the Primary Rhythms. This system is not a separate energy, but rather a rhythm that runs through the other energy systems leaving a vibration that influences physical attributes, health patterns and personality traits. Have you ever noticed a baby easily falls asleep while riding in a car? The rhythmic feeling of the car while riding often times induces sleep in even me! This energy system keeps us in balance like the drum beat of a song. When stress or trauma disrupt this rhythm, you will know it!

What ever has caused an imbalance in any of these energy systems is easily cleared in a session! You may wonder what it was that caused the imbalance… some times the cause may be because of something that happened to you, OR it could be because of something that happened to one of your ancestors! We inherit the energy blocks from our ancestors, but that’s another blog post.

Thank you for joining me in this series!

DSC_0004I’ve enjoyed discussing these energy systems with you. Maintaining a balanced energy system can make all the difference in your journey through life. There are many things we do to maintain good health; we eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, see our dentist every 6 months for preventative check ups, yearly physicals from our doctor, and regular energy tune ups with our energy practitioner. It’s not enough to just move through life, our quality of life in the long run depends upon our diligence in maintaining our health every day. We never really know how long our life will be… I overheard my great grandfather, at age 94, remarking how dumbfounded he was that he was still alive… he lived to age 104! May you enjoy a healthy life full of joy!


Celtic Weave, Radiant Circuits and Rhythms — 49 Comments

  1. Hi Loretta,

    Don’t have much knowledge about energy systems, but this was a great read. I had heard and read about the celtic knot before as I’ve been into survival and stuff, but didn’t know why it was called so. Thanks for the post.

    From UBC,
    Raspal from India

  2. I’ve seen images like these before, but I thought they were just beautiful designs. I didn’t know they were symbols of energy units. One learns something new everyday:-)

    • Thank you Kelly! It’s true ๐Ÿ™‚ That is why an energy healing session is good to have every few months or so, unless there is an urgent issue present, then more often.

  3. Thanks for this blog post Loretta! I have been learning more about the Celtic Weave as I progress through my 5 modules!

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