Everyone Needs R&R!

Summertime is the traditional time for vacations!

The weather is great! Kids are out of school! People naturally flock to the beach, resorts or other recreational or scenic places. Family reunions or family vacations are abundant!

family vacation

We remember the Griswolds, right!?! Hopefully we won’t have memories like that!

I had originally planned, for this very reason to have the Group Energy Call to be on Family Relationships. However, MY family is coming into town, so I want to spend all the time I can with them. I am canceling the group call for July. I’m sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. It is my hope that you can enjoy your family, or dear friends and you can spend some great R&R time, too.

Here’s some shots I took this morning of the happenings at the beach.prep for US Open


Huntington Beach is gearing up for the US Open Surfing Championships. Every year this is a HUGE event. The city transforms the beach into an amazing shopping area. The crowds are unbelievable!




The Jr. Lifeguard program is a very popular one here in Huntington Beach! The energy from these kids is amazing! jr lifeguards2

Have a great July, and I’ll be talking with you again in August!!! Surf’s UP!!!

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