Be Excited!

Have you ever noticed…

how when you’re excited about things, life just flows better? Happy, joyful thoughts, or anticipation for something wonderful just places us in a good vibration. When you’re in that good vibration, you begin attracting more wonder and excitement to you. people-splashingA good example of this is Christmas time. As children we anticipate those glorious gifts we hoped for… as we excitedly anticipated those gifts, everyone around us joined in with their energy of joyful anticipation. People are generally happy. Some people call this the Christmas spirit. Or maybe it’s a football game… how exciting a football game is to attend. There’s a certain feel being with others attending a game, especially the first game of the season. The anticipation and excitement. These are examples of high vibrations in energy. 

What if things are not going well…

Did you know that you have the ability to change things if they are not going well? Not only do you have the ability, but it is your duty. You are expected to create your own life. That has always been the plan. This is what I teach to my clients.

How do we change something that is not going well?

Shifting the energy can be as easy as shifting your mind set. Finding something that is exciting and stimulating to your mind is a start. This may be new furniture, or a hobby. When you find yourself worrying, doubting or struggling in any way, you are sending out the message that this is what you want more of. Well, I doubt anyone would want more of struggling! Instead, set down the troubling thoughts and magnetinstead think of that new furniture or hobby. See yourself shopping for it or embraced in it. Laugh and allow the excitement to grow. As you do this, and prevent yourself from going to the worry room in your head, you will open up the flow of positive abundance into your life.

Allow the abundance to flow… resist the need to dictate how it should be. Just be excited for the adventure!people-magnet


If this is difficult, maybe it’s time for a session. Let’s get you back to creating your amazingly wonderful life!


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  1. So very true, Loretta. Every morning I go outside and greet the sun and am excited for whatever wonderful thing comes my way this day. It does feel like Christmas everyday. You never know what “gift” you will open but the excitement for each day makes for a joyful one!

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