Summertime Breeds Silliness

The heat of Summer may have WARPED my brain!

But I find comfort in laughing. So my mind has wandered to hairstyles. You may ask, what’s so funny about hairstyles? Let’s see if you can find the humor in this… I’m not bashing anyone, just making an observation, free of political correctness…

Hairstyles of the 20’s20

20mSophisticated, demure, short… and if a woman didn’t want to follow the trend, they would put their long hair in a few buns so it would look short. Men’s styles were also very sophisticated, every hair in place.


Hairstyles of the 40’s

40Ladies allowed their hair to be long again, enjoying a fuller look. The styles were very elegant, glamorous, classic, romantic and terribly 40mchic. Men’s styles didn’t change too much. Still neat, tidy, and I’m assuming, comfortable under a hat as hats were worn often.


The 60’s Revolution


For those old enough to remember, the 60’s were all about revolting against that status quo. The Age of Aquarius was an age to rebel 60against anything from the previous years. Hair styles dictated this. I grew up in the 60’s so I participated in the styles. The early 60’s were different than the mid to late 60’s. Style were constantly changing.


The 80’s Brought New Expression


I feel like the 80’s brought full and sexy hair in the lime light. I loved 80m80’s styles. For the younger man, the mullet was in, which began the transition 80back to shorter hair for men though longer hair was still enjoyed as well.



Fast Forward to 2017




What possessed him to embrace this style? Why would a woman be considered attractive with hair that might hurt someone? Will people in the future look at our styles today and wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Just me, seeing the humor in some hairstyles today… it’s just silliness, and not intended to offend anyone. These styles are actually attractive, and those who wear them, wear them well. Hope you can find the humor in this and in all things. A sense of humor is the best remedy for life. Let’s not take life too seriously. Find opportunities to laugh today and everyday.


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