Soured Foods – A Blessing to the Gut!

Good Health Begins in the Gut!

I have wanted to learn to make homemade sauerkraut for years. My husband loves the stuff! When we eat soured foods or cultured foods it’s beneficial to maintaining the proper balance of intestinal flora in our systems. This balance is paramount to maintaining good health.


This morning I came across a wonderfully easy recipe for sauerkraut and one for kimchi. Thank you to Sonnet and her wonderful blog!

Here’s the sauerkraut recipe how-to-make-sauerkraut

I just love the illustrations and how easy the recipe is! I can do this!!! and we can stop purchasing the expensive raw sauerkraut at the health food store!

Here’s the kimchi recipe  How+to+make+kimchi


I’m truly looking forward to making each of these! Please let me know when YOU make these! I would love to share our success together! And remember, NO ONE cares about your good health as much as YOU do! So try a new approach… you’ll be grateful you did!


Everyone likes a TUTORIAL!

I like this video…



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DSC_0004Loretta embraces all tools that promote good health and a high quality of life. Her main business is as a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner®. She enjoys a vegan lifestyle rich with raw foods, and loves being outside enjoying a bike ride at the beach, a run on the riverbed or swimming laps. She has learned that abstaining from sugar and processed foods brings more energy and a stronger system able to endure a high energy lifestyle!


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  1. Thanks for this great blog my friend. I too have experienced the benefits of fermented foods. I haven’t had the time to think about looking for recipes… now I need look no further!!!

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