My Essential Oil Story

I Love a Good Story!

Everyone loves a story, I know I do… I love reading YOUR stories! I have a story or 2, too, but this one is about how I came to embrace Essential Oils.

It began in 2012…

I’m a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner®. That is a method of energy healing or alternative medicine. As a practitioner, I often incorporate the vibration of something into the energy of a client when they need the support of something. Essential oils have supporting properties that assist us as our bodies naturally balance. They are pure, free of chemicals and additives. The oils I prefer are grown in areas of the world where they are indigenous and harvested at the peak time of their life cycle, making them extremely strong. The purity of the oils are a grade above organic. Since I had been incorporating them in my business, and realizing sometimes some people need that tangible item to help them, I decided to provide them for my clients. I paid the fee to get the oils wholesale… after all, if you can buy them wholesale, why not, right? When I paid the fee to get the oils wholesale, I received my own storefront from the company. A perfect situation. Then I discovered that there was a program where the company awards my loyalty by allowing me to earn free product points. I like being rewarded for my purchases! Each point earned is worth a dollar to spend on the products, so when you think about it, you are getting the products at less than wholesale! Who doesn’t like THAT? Then, when I told my associates about what I had done, a few of them also joined me in my decision. I received bonuses on their first 60 days of purchases. What a nice thank you for my efforts… WHAT EFFORT?!!! 

Fast forward

to November, a year and a half from my sign up… I really wasn’t paying attention to my business… I was just using the oils and sharing them with others.

I began receiving checks in the mail. I wasn’t quite sure why, but those checks were beginning to be enough to pay for my purchase each month. That was way cool! It was only a short time and I was receiving regular bonuses every month that paid for my monthly purchase! Who doesn’t like FREE???!!!

My Group Call on Manifestation List Creation…

red phoneSo, as an energy practitioner, I provide a monthly group call for my clients that addresses a different topic each month. This time the call was a little different. It was more of a training for people to learn how to write their own Manifestation Lists. People who registered for the call could also send me their drafted list, and I checked it for energetic blocks, and plugged it into their energy system. It was such fun reading everyone’s lists and feeling that wonderful positive energy flowing all around! However, I had forgotten that I had plugged in for myself several years ago, that whenever I did work for others, it would be as if I had worked on myself. This has been really helpful as my business has grown. I had completed about 10 of those lists when I was contacted by my friend, the gal I was under with the oils. She explained that she had just met our up-line, and he wanted to talk to us. We met with him, and I learned a few things about the business side of the oils company. Immediately my business began to explode! It’s been so much fun being able to tell my friends and clients about not only a wonderful product, but also a wonderful company with a unique and dynamite compensation plan! I truly believe this came about because of all those manifestation lists that I’ve worked on cleared some blocks I didn’t realize I had to good financial abundance! I know you are now curious… I haven’t been able to mention the company that sells the oils because of certain laws imposed by the FDA, but I can give you the information via email. My email address is Please contact me! By contacting me, I will not put you on my mailing list, you will need to do that on your own with the link to the top right of this page. I would love to share what I have learned and assist you in a new path toward better health and wellness!

I Invite You



to consider a new approach to a better quality of life. I am available to answer any questions you may have. Comment below, or email me at I would love to help you in your pursuit to financial abundance!



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