Help for Houston

My Heart Breaks for My Friends in the Path of Harvey!

Across the country, many of us have sent donations and had no other choice but to sit back and watch as friends and loved ones struggle with losing everything to Harvey.

harvey devastation


No one expected such wide spread devastation! The whole nation wants to help these millions of people affected. But then it hit me. Since I cannot go to Houston to help, I can help from here! I did a quick session for a dear friend who was not only struggling with the loss and displacement but also some emotional fear. Her sleep patterns were disrupted making dealing with everything even more difficult. After just a few minutes, she was feeling more peaceful. I received this today and asked her permission to share it with you:

“Had to give you an update. Last night I actually got sleepy in a normal and relaxed way, far earlier than normal. I slept well and feel rested after waking up. All of these things are different. For a long time, sleep and wake cycles have been a struggle, but obvious difference last night. I also felt and still feel considerably less heavy, or dark – that helpless and hopelessness underlying my normal optimism. Saw and heard several more blackhawks and had no reaction. You have given me such a gift, I can barely describe it, but I can tell you this – I am more conscious of the way I feel uplifted from the darkness of fear and worry. The last few days have just weighed my spirit and I feel different today. I’m a bit emotional still and I’m sure that’s a byproduct of the clearing. I can’t thank you enough. Love you and appreciate your gift very much!”
Thank you Valri for allowing me to share this!

I’m offering this gift to all willing to give it a try…

We won’t delve into anything deep, and we won’t take much time. Just a quick clearing of trauma and raising your vibration to be able to deal with the work ahead. I’m thinking just 15 minutes, more or less will be sufficient to give you some support! It’s free and my way to contribute. Contact me at for an appointment time. I will be out of town next week, but will be available when I get home.


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