Generational DNA

First of all, thank you for all your thoughtful comments and the messages sent during my series. It means so much to me that you would take time out of your busy day to comment so thoughtfully and to contact me with your interest.

Generational DNA

Fred and Maggie Schmidt closeWhat is meant by Generational DNA??? Our DNA is what determines not just what we look like, but every trait about us. It is incorrectly thought that once you have your DNA, it cannot be changed. This is not true! Held within our DNA are the negative emotions we have inherited from our ancestors. Negative emotions can be released and cleared. When we perform that, the negative emotions lying in the DNA is cleared not just for us but also for everyone else in our linage. Say you have a 5th great grandmother who suffered terribly because of the loss of her child. Those negative emotions are inherited, and may surface each generation later with some sort of severe loss. When that connection is broken, that chain ceases to continue. We understand that loss and grief are a necessary part of the experience of life. I’m not saying the next generations wouldn’t suffer a loss… but the emotional charge is no longer there, creating a more empowering ability to face loss.

Two of My Generations…

hike with momMy daughter hiking on a trail near the beach with her sons. I enjoy knowing they will not suffer from the shock and trauma I’ve endured through my life because I have cleared those Generational strings…

I just love talking about Generational healing and the amazing results that can happen when we include this in a session! Here is another post I wrote on this subject.

Give a Gift to Your Loved Ones…



You, too, can give your loved ones the gift of clearing the negative debris in your DNA! It is simply and easily accomplished in a session.


Generational DNA — 52 Comments

  1. Dear Loretta,

    I’m so glad you posted this. Almost no one knows this and it can actually keep so many things from happening to yourself and you children and grandchildren and on and on and on.

    I will be sharing this all over.

    I have a friend who is a natural doctor who did this for me and he called them Epigenetic Miasms.

    But whatever they are called, I know they can be cleared.

    And as you and I both know, whenever you clear anything in anyone it ripples out and clears tons of other thing in addition to what you know it will clear in the coming generations.




  2. DNA is a scientific marvel. Each of us made up unique and complete because of it. My daughter is a biology major and because of helping her study I was introduced to some of how the body is made. I believe God is in charge of it all which thrills me.

    • Oh Shawn, aren’t all of God’s creations marvelous?!!! I’m so grateful he’s given us so much knowledge of how to care for these miraculous bodies he has blessed us with!!!

  3. Hi Loretta,

    I learned a few years ago that it takes 3-5 generations to shed patterns of family dysfunctions, addictions, etc. It takes awareness to look at one’s generational DNA and clear the negative stuff and keep the good stuff. Old patterns can be broken and new, better patterns passed down!

    Great article!
    Peggy (from UBC)

    Peggy Nolan

    • I have great news for you Peggy! It does not take 3-5 generations! My experience is that it’s all a matter of choice once those generational strings are cleared! Most of my clients choose to embrace it immediately!!! Thank you for your comment Peggy!

  4. Thanks for posting this Loretta! I had no idea about generational healing but it completely makes sense. I also thought that your DNA cannot be changed. There’s so much hope for families to heal for generations to come.

    • I read that studies were done on the DNA of newborn babies. All their DNA matched. It wasn’t until they were with their families that they took on their DNA. Which explains why when I work with people who have been adopted or raised by step parents that I must check for their negative DNA strings as well.

  5. This is the first ever hearing about this. I didn’t think one could alter their DNAs…Would be nice to get rid of some of the negative things that seems to come back every generations (no one in my family has ever gotten married 0.0), I don’t want that to happen to my son or his children and so on and so forth….

  6. Loretta, this is just fascinating to me! I love that emotions can travel through generaltions and that the negative energy can be cleared! Thank you for enlightening me…you always do! 🙂

  7. I am so glad you shared this information so people can become aware of this possibility. You always post great topics that people can benefit from. Thanks!

  8. Of course DNA can be changed … we are just most familiar with the bad changes like cancer, mutations, insertions etc. The info included above does remind me of the Bible verse that states the ‘curse’ of the father is visited upon the second and third generations. At what point can a parent clear their DNA so that it doesn’t impact their children?

    • So glad you asked that Sharon! Utilizing the SimplyHealed Method® the chains are broken when the client is ready to release them. I love that scripture you quoted!

  9. Interesting. I am not sure how all this works but it was an interesting read and when I find something interesting I usually run into it again.
    I do believe in epigenetics and the idea that what we eat and do will influence our DNA.

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