First Line of Defense – the Aura!

The Body has Several Energy Systems…

Scientists are discovering more and more about the energy systems of the body and how they contribute to our overall health and well being. This first in a series, Auras!


Let’s discuss… the Aura!



A vibrant Aura can fill a room. When the Aura is vibrant, we feel happy, joyful and confident. When our Auras are in need of repair, we may feel dark, burdened, like we don’t want to be around anyone, unhappy or even depressed. A simplistic explanation, true…

How Can a Vibrant, Clean and Clear Aura Make a Difference?

We actually feel the auras of others when in the room together. When the aura is clean and clear, positive experiences and people with vibrant auras are attracted to us. Stress is not as evident or detrimental. Confidence is strong and it is easy to be compassionate.

Have you ever felt you were on the top of your game with everything going your way? When your aura is vibrant, this is one result!

In a session, the aura is always addressed. Some clients actually feel it when we clear their auras! This is so fun!!! Of course, everyone’s experience is not the same… but the results are what’s important!


Here’s a Great Exercise…

Place your hands to the left of your body towards the ground. Now pretend you are fluffing packing peanuts. While doing this movement bring your hands up the left side of your body and over the top of your head, and move to the right side of your body all the way down to the floor again. Now grasp that imaginary zipper between your feet and “zip up” to the top of your head. You have fluffed and zipped your aura. By doing so you are protected. You can perform this when ever you feel uncertain or uncomfortable. Many people do this and other energetic exercises in the morning as they are preparing for the day.


Some Closing Thoughts…



Did you know that some people actually have the gift of being able to see the auras around people? Some auras are colorful and some are white… and on the opposite side of the spectrum, some can be very dark, too, when intentions are not pure. I enjoy hearing when my clients can see the auras of others. What a wonderful gift!


First Line of Defense – the Aura! — 42 Comments

  1. I loved it when you “fluffed” our Auras during the last Group Call. And then you zipped up our meridians!! I fluff my aura often when I am feeling a little out of sorts. It helps. For a while there I was even known to fluff others auras when I felt they needed it!!

  2. I’ve been able to see people’s aura and I can also feel there energy even from the other side of the world.

    There really is not time or space in energy or Spirit.

    I LOVE the exercise!

    Thanks for this great information.



  3. Whoa! I did the exercise and I could feel the change taking place. That is something I am going to have to do every morning. I do feel more energized now! Can’t wait to read more on this from you!

  4. I had not given much thought to my aura. But, there are times when you can feel the emotions of others. Interesting exercise to do the fluffing and zippering.

  5. Your articles are really interesting and get at the heart of who we are as spiritual beings. It’s amazing how many of neglect that aspect of ourselves. Yes, we have a body, but we also have a spirit that God gave us that will outlive that body. Thanks for making me think!

    • Thank you Don, and thank you for sharing this on Twitter, too! That is so sweet of you!!! Indeed, our body is amazing! It’s organic, electric and energetic! Our spirit surely has a temple to reside in, doesn’t it!!!

    • Your aura, Dov, is a field of energy that is all around your body and runs through your body. When you are joyous your aura can fill a room, and when you are depressed it is very close to your body. We feel better when it is expanded in it’s glory!

  6. I just went and saw James Van Praagh a few weeks ago. He was explaining aura and the colors people can have around them and how they change. I found it very interesting..

  7. Such an interesting article. I’ve heard about the so called Aura before but never taken it to seriously. Also, I wonder if its possible for someone to learn the ability of being able to see the auras around people? Thank you.

    • I don’t think it’s a learned skill, but rather a gift to see auras. I have a client who has seen them all her life… if she told people about them, they insinuated she was wacko. Now she is learning how to apply that gift for her benefit. I didn’t take it seriously for most of my life until I learned the benefits. I would love to apply what I know now to 30 years ago! Things would be so different!!!

  8. I was reading this and wondering if it would have been good to do on my 4 yr old when she was having a meltdown/ public tantrum today. Thought it’d look a bit weird to do in public too lol. Any thoughts for helping kids?

    • Oh dear! So sorry you had to endure that experience. Let me assure you that it has happened to the best of us! In a situation like that, the exercise I may have done would have been the Spinal Flush. I’ve used it for my grandsons when they were being squirrelly in public, and it worked well. I think though that I would have either ignored the outburst until I got through the register and into the car, or I would have removed the child from the store rather than create more of a publicly display. Little ones often don’t know yet how to deal with how they are feeling. Being tired, hungry, frustrated or even feeling sick might cause such outbursts. A parent who confidently reacts with calm understanding and consistent resolve is the best approach. I’m sure you handled the situation well.

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