Essential Oils

Thank you!

…for the privilege of teaching you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily care regime. I love how natural and effective they are! Granted, as an energy practitioner, there is nothing tangible needed to create a shift in the energy. The SimplyHealed Method® that I use is complete in its own matrix. I have found some of my clients enjoy using tangible objects such as crystals, essential oils, diet, natural remedies and many other things to support them in shifting energy. It concerns me that there are so many essential oils out there that are either not pure or not being used properly. I hope I might shed some light on this topic for you. My advice… do your own due diligence. I use essential oils because I enjoy them. I think you might too.

Who doesn’t love Essential Oils?

Not only do they smell amazing, but the properties contained are therapeutic for strengthening our bodies. Basically, our bodies utilize the properties of the oils to support our good health. Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from various parts of the plant including the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, etc. This form of medicine is one of mankind’s first. References to oils have been shown in ancient Chinese manuscripts and in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In fact, well preserved jars of essential oils were found in King Tut’s tomb. Essential oils are so small in molecular size that they can quickly penetrate the skin. They have the ability to reach every cell of the body within minutes of being applied. They even have the ability to pass the blood brain barrier which is supportive and strengthening down to the cellular level! As an energy practitioner, I plug in the energetic vibration of oils into the energy systems of my clients. However, it’s wonderful to have them in hand to enjoy the many benefits!

Here’s MY Story! 

I never intended to sell the oils… but I’m so grateful I AM!!! Read my story HERE


Would you like to begin experiencing these amazing oils?

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Only Use Pure & Potent Essential Oils

There are different grades of oils on the market and internet shelves. The following are different ways that essential oils can be used: fragrance, cosmetic, food, and therapeutic. The grade and distillation of the oils also indicate what category the oils will be used for. We are only interested in pure therapeutic grade oils for the use of supporting good health.  Unfortunately, most oils on the market that are marked pure therapeutic grade oils, still contain up to 51% of a filler oil such as grapeseed. It is preferred to have 100% essential oil and nothing else in that bottle. A truly pure essential oil should be 100% unadulterated. Using that standard few essential oils sold in the world qualify. Most, even those sold in health food stores, are adulterated with chemical or synthetic compounds and do more harm than good.

We are all individuals – find your favorites!

Every individual body is different and responds differently to each individual oil. What oil I find works for me may be different than the oil that works best for you. But here are a few of my favorites:

  •  Lavender –is a universal oil in general. If in doubt, use lavender. We find it’s most beneficial for skin discomforts and calming. Most people say it really supports restful sleep. Blends well with most oils, especially lemon, grapefruit and clary sage.
  • Lemon – has uplifting qualities that invigorates and refreshes. It’s cleansing and purifying.
  • Tension Blend – Sold in an easy application roll on, this oil blend is great for easing tension. Apply on the temples, back of the neck or across the shoulders. Rub it in and then breathe the oil off of your fingers.
  • The Soothing Blend – Also great for tension support and tight muscles or tired joints.
  • The Protective Blend – Great for strengthening the immune system! Some even use it to swish in the mouth or gargle.
  • Peppermint – One of my all time favorites, peppermint makes my sinuses say hello! It offers support in helping me breathe and increases oxygenation when exercising. Apply when feeling discomfort for support during seasonal issues. Rub on abdomen or throat for an exhilarating experience.
  • Anti-Aging Blend – I originally used this blend to soften the tiny lines around my eyes. I read where doing this also strengthens vision. Sure enough, when I went for my next exam, my vision had stopped digressing.
  • Focus Blend – This blend works well to help with mental focus, but I love the smell when dealing with stress, and when relaxing. The aroma is intoxicating!


Here are some more of my all time FAVORITE essential oils!!!

The Women’s Blend! The first time I smelled this oil blend, I didn’t care for it. I gave the bottle to my daughter. Then, several months later, after reading how so many people LOVED this blend, I thought I should smell it again. The aroma was extremely inviting! I was shocked by this response! The fact is that when we smell oils that don’t appeal to us, they might bringing up some emotions we need to clear. Those oils should be used on the bottoms of our feet. Our bodies take the compounds of the oils and utilize those properties for support similarly to the way our bodies use good nutrition to function properly.

We use the Digestive Blend for digestive support. The soothing scent has a licorice, pepperminty fragrance. I really helps when we have had a heavy meal! Just rub it on our stomach!

How to use…

The most recommended ways to use essential oils is to diffuse into the air or apply a few drops of oil to your wrists, neck, behind your ears and even on the bottoms of your feet. Sometimes, depending on the oil, you can put a few drops in a capsule and take it internally – only PURE Essential Oils are safe to ingest. Another avenue, if you don’t want to apply on your body, is simply to breathe it out of the bottle when needed. The molecules easily pass through the blood brain barrier allowing your body support where needed.

An Opportunity!

I had been enjoying the oils for nearly 2 years before understanding the real opportunity here! I’m grateful for my up-line who took the time to explain the opportunity to me. I would like to share this information with you, too! I invite you to join us for our weekly webinars. Please contact me at!

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to “treat” medical problems.