Dreams Do Come True – Group Energy Call

When we plant seeds and nourish them, we know they will grow. It’s a basic understanding. We are meant to plant all sorts of seeds to create the life we desire. And that takes work! But when we work smart, the task doesn’t need to be impossible!

Let’s DREAM! and lay a foundation for a great 2018!

This month we will be clearing what ever it is that’s preventing you from dreaming and creating what you desire. We will utilize all the creative tools and lay a foundation. All that we have now was once a dream… or created in thought and spirit first. As we keep that thought process positive, it’s amazing how the belief system kicks in. Also, as we clear the negative energy, the energetic blockage is removed allowing a free flow of creative energy!

dreams do come true

Join us this month for this live call…

Wednesday, January 17th, 11 am PT

Your home, your phone


By registering, and shortly before the call, you will receive an email with the access phone number to the call. All registrations must be in at least an hour before the call to ensure you will receive the call information in time for you to attend. Feel free to send me a brief email listing your intentions for this session.


…in the event you would like to participate in this call but cannot attend in person, the call will be recorded. Energy is intelligent. Once you are registered, you will be included in the energy of the call and you will receive the same benefit listening to the recording as you would being on the call in person.

Often times when attending a call, many more issues are cleared than those that are vocalized on the call. This is an added benefit of attending the monthly Group Session Call!

In this call we will address all issues regarding health and wellness from an alternative standpoint. If you are being seen by a physician for any issue, this call will enhance your recovery. It will not take the place of your health care professional.

I Personally Invite You

loretta…to join us in this Group Energy Healing Call. When negative emotions are cleared, the path becomes open to embrace physical change and healing. I look forward to assisting you in a new journey toward good health!

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