Do You Feel the Love?

The Month of Love

It’s been awhile since I did a blog post… I’ve been busy with my businesses, but I had to sit down and write this today… February traditionally is the month of love – at least that’s what society wants you to focus on. It’s big business after all, and gets the mind moving forward. But for many people nowadays this time of year is a very dark time. We are designed to need to be loved. Male & female needs differ in order to combine together and become one to procreate. However there seems to be a real disconnect going on with all the single people I am surrounded by. People are no longer able to commit to relationships for whatever reason. They are not able to commit to the ability to receive the level of companionship that is what the human body & soul crave. I’m grateful for the ability to shift energy, and have the pleasure of working with so many on this topic. How about doing something today… right now… for you… to ease that burden of not having that one person to feel one with – and I’m not just talking just intimacy here. Being one means being one in purpose, goals, intent, commitment. It’s companionship on all levels.

love all aroundShift the Energy with Me!

Maybe, just maybe, take moments throughout today to recognize the love all around you. As you recognize this love, express gratitude for it. As you express gratitude for it, that love will magnify. And as you feel gratitude for the love… I mean as you truly have heart felt gratitude for the love around you, you will attract more love to be grateful for. Now breathe deeply and exhale and allow yourself to feel the love… set aside all skepticism. Do you feel the love? Now… express gratitude and go throughout your day recognizing all the love – in all forms – and even share love with others! I would love to hear of your experiences!

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